April 16, 2011
My person was talking to one of the people he works with who's very interested in how dogs can help people feel good "Animal Therapy'. He even studied it at university, and my  person said people even write papers about it.
I like papers, they're fun to chew.

 Maybe I should think about writing some as I know lots about making people happy.

Think of it "The role of face-licking in mood maintenance' by A. Person Phd., Second Person B.A.  and Chanel, D.O.G.

'Reading program goes to the dogs'

April 5, 2011
My Person was reading this; I suppose it is interesting.

That doggie could use a nice trim though, like I have had. 

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Chanel - Clinically approved!

April 1, 2011
Last week I visited a new ward where some of the people were pretty sick.

 When I was leaving, I heard one worker (probably one of those cat people) say "Dogs don't belong in hospitals.' 
But one of the doctors disagreed. He said 'Did you see the mood of the entire ward lift when she arrived? We can't do that  for our patients.'

And neither could any snooty cat!

Dogs rule!

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New Photos

April 1, 2011
From today
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