Hospital Visiting

"Wards Visited
"People Walked
"Sticks Fetched
"Hearts Warmed'

Chanel visits wards and patients at a Hospital in the West of Melbourne,  Victoria 

In Chanel's own words;

"H ello

I'm Chanel and I am a Volunteer Dog at the Hospital; it's sort of like the Vet's but much bigger and MUCH more fun.

When I get ready to visit, I get my Person to put my volunteer photo identification round my neck (In winter I have a big coat saying 'Volunteer'). 

If I did not have my Identication, people might think I was just an ordinary dog, you see, not a Volunteer.

Then I jump right in my travelling box. When I get out at the Hospital, I am very excited, and immediately know just where to go

The place I go most often, my People call a 'rehab ward'. All the people there know me, and are very happy to see me. When I come to the front door everyone is there wanting to say hello, and I know them and run to them.

I have lots of Aunties and Uncles at that place, and I look after them, make them happy and catch sticks for them."

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